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About Me

My name is Levi Kane and I'm former World Class Athlete, turned Fitness Training Coach, turned Full Stack Developer. In 2012 I was introduced to the sport of ParaTriathlon where I would be racing against other athletes with the same level of disability as myself (above-knee amputee). In the year 2015 I had hit my personal peak with athletics getting a Gold medal at National championships, Silver medal at World Championships, a Bronze medal at Continental Championships and I became the first (and still the only) single-leg above-knee amputee to ever run a sub 20:00 5k in the entire World.

After that, I ran my own fitness training and coaching business for 5 years. Using my education in Kinesiology, paired with my story of inspiration, my business flourished! But then sadly, due to Covid-19, my business was brought to a screeching hault. And that's when I thought, "Why don't I learn how to write code??" My favorite clients were always developers, so asking them for advice on the matter only seemed natural. So after some guidence from seasoned veterans of the industry, I spent my Covid-cation immersing myself in the world of applicaiton development, learning as much as I could and even earning a short term paid-internship with company in which I was contracted to build their website using Vue and can be seen at www.newgameplus.live (with the mutual agreement to not continue employment after the contract was over). When my internship came to a close, the CTO told me that I had the same skill set as someone coming out of a bootcamp, but still recommended that I join one to not just sharpen my skillset, but also for both building the network of peers and for the professional coaching on how to acutally land a job within the incredibly competetive Tech industry.

So that's how I found myself here! A student at Northwestern University's Coding Bootcamp. The web-applications listed below are all custom built by me, from scratch, through the University's curriculum. At the bottom you'll find my contact info as well as my resume which can viewed in a downloadable PDF


*New Game Plus*

Website made with Vue/Vuex/Vuetify. Contact form hooked up through Postmark

*Expense Tracker 5000*

Fetch API, JavaScript, JQuery, Materialize, localStorage

Click here for github repo

*Expense Tracker 7000*

Node, Express, Handlebars, MySql/Sequelize, JawsDB, Chartjs, Bootstrap, JQuery, JavaScript

Click here for github repo

*Timed Quiz*

Made with vanilla JavaScript and localStorage

Click here for github repo

*Calendar App*

Made with JQuery, Bootstrap & localStorage

Click here for github repo

*Weather App*

Fetch API, Bootstrap, JQuery, localStorage

Click here for github repo

*Team Profile Generator*

Node, Inquire, Jest, JavaScript, Bootstrap

Click here for github repo

*Hot Restaurant*

Express, RESTful APIs, Bootstrap, JQuery, JavaScript

Click here for github repo

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