Simplified, Healthy, Day-To-Day Nutrition

Call or email to set up a time to educate your staff on what simplified, healthy, day-to-day nutrition can consist of.


  1. Levi contacted us at COCO West Loop to come in and chat with our members about nutrition. His presentation SIMPLIFIED the buzz about nutrition and helped all of us to know the basics about our bodies and what we are putting into them. All while educating us, he inspired our members to be thoughtful about our choices. He was so genuine and kind during his visit to our community. I would recommend Levi's nutrition chat or services to anyone willing to make a change for themselves.
    Coco Chicago
  2. Industrious (a coworking space) has a wide array of members, from lawyers to start-ups, and I can safely say EVERYONE can benefit from his message. He made nutrition simple and easy. Levi is incredibly knowledgeable on fitness and nutrition. With his degree in kinesiology and background in nutrition, it was a relief for me to know that our members were getting the best possible information. The members loved his presentation. He was able to field many questions and clear up common confusion. We can't wait to have him back!
    Industrious Chicago
  3. Having Levi in the office to do a Lunch & Learn for our team members was an informative, involved experience! We are a company that focuses on providing healthy snacks and promoting healthy eating and the information that Levi provided has personally helped in my evaluation of what snacks to provide to the office that is equally nutritious and delicious. We are grateful to have Levi get us on the right track involving nutrition!
    Rise Interactive